OBS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If use OBS to keep several days worth of backups, will I use up my quota quickly?

The e-ISCO OBS system uses a unique technology that in essence takes a snapshot of only the data that has changed. Unlike previous technologies that only compared file dates (backing up the newer or changed files) the e-ISCO OBS system detects changes within the file system itself. These changes are the only data that is sent with each backup. This process significantly reduces the file size and in turn the backup time that better utilizes the backup space you have on our service to keep your backups longer, and to keep more of them period. For a detailed explination of this technology see the in-file delta link below

Is my data secure? Can anyone access or read my information?

Once your e-ISCO OBS account is created our server uses your password to generate a random hash key that is then used to encrypt all of your data using AES / Triple DES / TwoFish 256 bit encryption algorithm. The key is e-mailed to you upon creation of your account. Not even our support perssonnel can read your data without this key. The key is only known to you and is not kept on file in any way. The only way to retrieve your data is to login with your username and password to our website or the OBS client software to restore the data. This process ensures that your data and privacy is protected.

How often can I perform backups?

You can perform an online OBS backup as many times as you like. Scheduling options differ based on the OBS client version however you can backup daily, weekly, monthly, yearly at any interval you would like. You can keep data as far back as your quota allows. Considering how small the backups are most of our customers keep a good several months of backups on our servers even with the standard account.

Do I create the backups manually or does my computer perform the backups automatically?

With e-ISCO OBS you select what you want to backup, then how often you want to back up and the client does the rest. There is nothing else to configure or maintain. Any updates to your backup software are automatically applied from our servers without any user intervention whatsoever.

How do I know the backups are happening if the process is automatic?

One of the key features to the OBS backup system is the notification system. Once you setup your backup our severs become aware of when your backup should be occuring. Our system will then send you an e-mail when it sees a sucessfull backup or not. Even if the client software is completely deleted or the PC or server is turned off the backup system is still aware that a backup should be occuring and notifies you upon its sucess or failure. The notifications keep you informed to ensure you are backing up your data as requested.

Since e-ISCO OBS backs up my data over the internet will my internet connection be slower?

In most cases you would schedule the backup to occur during the night or when your PC is not being used. The e-ISCO OBS system employs bandwith throttling to ensure that your backup does not occupy your entire internet connection when there is a need to backup data during the times where you may be using your computer or internet connection. This throttling allows only a fraction of your internet bandwith to be utilized for backing up data leaving the rest for your normal internet activity. This will slow down your internet connection to some extent when the backup is happening however with the throttling it will help significatly reduce the impact.

Can I backup multiple computers with one account?

Yes, e-ISCO OBS uses "backup sets". These sets keep the selections on what you want backed up. In order to backup files from multiple computers you would simply create a new backup set for each computer. This will allow you to back up data from multiple computers to one account according to your quota limits etc.

Can I backup data from a mapped drive or external drive?

Yes, anything your computer can access as a file can be backed up with e-ISCO OBS. This includes network drives, local external hard disk drives, thumb drives or any other file based storage device.

Can I use e-ISCO OBS to backup data locally as well as online, say to an external hard disk?

Yes, e-ISCO OBS allows you to create a local copy of your backup data as well as the online copy to minimize file-restoring time and/or to provide an extra safety precaution. To enable this simply check the local copy tab in the e-ISCO OBS client and select the directory you would like to keep a local copy of the backup on.